To Mark the Fight against the Coronavirus India Lights Up

Mark the Fight against the Coronavirus India Lights Up

India is under a nationwide lockdown in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To show the unity and fight against the Coronavirus, Millions of Indians have turned off their lights and lit up candles, lamps, and flashlights in their balconies and doorsteps on past Sunday. This is said in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s heart-touching request to “challenge the darkness” which spread all over the world with Coronavirus Pandemic.

During the struck lockdown, Prime Minister Modi asked all the Indians to turn out their lights for about 9 minutes at 9 pm local time (15:30 GMT) on Sunday and show their unity towards this battle. Respecting the request, all Indias have light up the night with candles and lamps showing they fight against the darkness of Coronavirus.

Mark the Fight against the Coronavirus India Lights Up

For Prime Minister Modi’s call, all citizens have come up with a huge response. It was so great to see people lighting up their balconies, lighting firecrackers, playing music, and also by singing nationalistic songs. And some residents have turned the flashlight on the mobile phones matching with modern trends.

Residents were shouting “Hail mother India” and “Go corona go” repeatedly. They were clapping, cheering and setting off fireworks to shatter away the silence and darkness. This makes us remind of Diwali, the Hindu festival which is full of light all over India.

Modi tweeted in Sanskrit saying “Salute to the light of the lamp which brings auspiciousness, health, and prosperity, which destroys negative feelings”.

Mark the Fight against the Coronavirus India Lights Up

So just as Modi expected from citizens, they got together in the battle of defeating the deep darkness spreading all over the country with Coronavirus.

India is under lockdown until April 14th…

As to Indian media reports, total Coronavirus cases in India have gone over 4,000 by Sunday turning the total death count to 109. So during this prevailing situation, India will be under strict lockdown since the 25th of March.

The decision by Modi has badly hit rural migrant workers. And this has left many of them jobless making them walk to their villages. And some being blocked from returning to their homes, the government has had set up thousands of makeshift camps including food and other facilities.

Mark the Fight against the Coronavirus India Lights Up

As with the current state, this lockdown until 14Th April would probably continue even for some parts of the country from where the new Coronavirus cases have found.