Tiger Infected with Coronavirus Reported at Bronx Zoo in New York

A 4 years old female Malayan tiger named “Nadia” has tested positive for Coronavirus recently. This is the first time we find this type of news under the Coronavirus pandemic which takes us to a new scope from the only-human frame. The Tiger Nadia is found at the Bronx Zoo in New York.  This is the first known Coronavirus case in an animal in the United States and the only case reported of a tiger globally.

Tiger Infected with Coronavirus

As to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo reported on the new release, the tiger Nadia has developed dry cough along with three other tigers and three lions and expected to recover very soon. Then, samples of Nadia has sent for testing after five others. As to the reports by the United States Department of Agriculture reported, Nadia has developed a respiratory illness and while no other animals are showing any of these symptoms.

The test result saying the tiger is infected with Coronavirus has made everyone shocked, the director  Jim Breheny has added.

As to the Zoo, these animals were showing a decrease in appetite. Apart from that, they are doing fine under veterinary care and very interactive with their keepers. But as they have no idea of how this Coronavirus developed in big cats, they said they will monitor all of them well to notice any change of the symptoms.

As to Dr. Paul Calle, the zoo’s chief veterinarian, the COVID-19 test for Nadia has done in a veterinary school laboratory. And as they said this is a different test from the one doing for humans.

Tiger Infected with Coronavirus

And as to the facts proven, Nadia has infected with Coronavirus from a Zoo employee who has been asymptomatically infected with the COVID-19 virus. Which is one most dangerous side of this Pandemic. And as to the reports, Bronx Zoo has been closed from 16th March. Although we find a number of cases around the world about animals infected with Coronavirus and people have possibilities to get the virus from them, this is the only news that proves a person infected the animal with the disease and the animal reported sick.


As advised by USDA, stay away from animals including pets if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or have confirmed positive.