Nurses are at the Battle Zone against Coronavirus

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has disordered the world in its usual way. Doctors and nurses are the heroes of this battle who are highly admired for their determined efforts to fight against the virus.

Nurses have been possibly overlooked for their role here in fighting the virus. In New Rochelle, New York, we find all nurses are wearing full-body hazmat costumes throughout the day helping out the public at drive-through testing sites.

Coronavirus outbreak

Helping out citizens to get tested, we find nurses are working their best around the clock in New Rochelle, New York, in the epicenter of the COVID-19 outburst. The nurses are the real heroes we find here handling through testing sites in hazmat suits getting to all the people in getting verified for the virus-positive or negative. Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor has highly praised the medical professionals for all their work and courage through these rough times.

What everyone says is “God bless them,” and so as Cuomo said. And as he further said, he is marvel at their courage.

COVID-19 outburst

Both Doctors and nurses who are giving care for all the patients with COVID-19 are currently at the real heroes in this terrible fight against the disease. And with the uprising of this global crisis, governments from across the globe are requesting doctors and nurses to come out of retirement as the support here is very much needed to make a fine result.

As to trusted reports from CTV, over 10,000 retired medical professionals have rejoined to the Canadian government’s appeal and have come to help this situation.

COVID-19 outburst

Lisa Merck is a nurse better call one of the biggest heroes of this battle against COVID-19’s spread who is now under medical care as he has too caught the disease.

Speaking about the experience, Merck said she found the sniffles on the plane back to Colorado when she was coming back from a medical conference in Hawaii. However, she has also mentioned that she experienced aches and pains even before her health worsened. So saying all these, she alarms everyone to care about themselves and get proper care.

Do you feel how hard work they are doing in overcoming this global issue? What is your message for them?