Christmas Lights in March to Turn on the Hopes

The world is down with the very uncertain conditions going on. And some simply call these dark times. But do you leave the dark to remain dark? The dark is the times where light is needed than ever before. Residents who are stuck in their homes due to COVID-19 outbreak around the world are very much into the team spirit and show all their light of hopes by putting Christmas lights. This is truly to spread some bliss together to fight for the global spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 outbreak


We find regular updates on COVID-19 Outbreak through the World Health Organization. And the latest statistics demonstrate there are about 200,000 cases reported globally turning all deaths to 7,000. It is hard to find an easy to escape from the bad already happened. And from all the ways; TV, newspapers, web and social media that is what we hear, the disaster the world is facing at. But what is more important at this stage is people’s morale. Even we are facing down from down every day; people should remain strong and positive as much as possible to get the control of this in the hand. So people decided to bring Christmas in March and spread unity and cheer.

COVID-19 outbreak Plahutar

People here unite to show that the inner-force can never truly be damp down. So here in a crisis, communities find doing what possible from theirs is important to show they are backing up each other even from afar. As to the reports from Daily Mail, those who are under self-isolation are putting the sparkling Christmas lights up in March to bring the true sign of hope. This is a message bringing that we can win over this deadly virus being united.

COVID-19 outbreak

We find Twitter user “Nic” posting: “Last night we switched our Christmas lights back on. I intend to #sharesomelight every evening until we are out of this darkness (or until my husband shouts at me) to say thank you to everyone who’s keeping the country going.”

Another Twitter user “April” comes up saying: “World getting you down? We are so lazy that we never took down our Christmas lights. So, we turned them back on!”

COVID-19 outbreak

These lights are to light up the souls showing those who are isolated, stuck at home are not alone. Even staying a little far, we can still bring someone hopes. It is not always about hugs and kisses.

Christmas is the time for the whole world to share love with families and friends. So even in the moments, it is impossible to hug or kiss or care by physically each other, the lights work for it. So even it is not real Christmas, people can make it Christmas to spread the word of peace, love, and unity.


What do you think about putting up Christmas lights? Have you ever tried? Will this spread cheer and unity to wipe away the sorrow of these dark times?