A Hero’s Welcome from the Family to NHS Nurse After Every Shift

Doctors, Nurses, and all the medical professionals are the frontline heroes of the Coronavirus battle. Regardless of the tiredness, they work days and nights to continue saving lives. Even they are at the risk of their lives, what they prioritize is saving others who are fighting for Coronavirus. Lynne Lake is one big role in this battle-ground who is a nurse in the profession. She is a well-practiced nurse from Connah’s Quay, who’s been nursing for 38 years. For all her service as a Nurse, her family gives the best welcome after every shift.

A Hero's Welcome from the Family to NHS Nurse After Every Shift

Lynne surrounded by her proud family (Image: @JonAddisonLake)

The family applause and cheers at her arrival to show how grateful they are for all that she is been doing during this Pandemic.

Lynne Lake works in a health center reports as to the reports say. And as to her family, she always put others before herself and present herself to assist. And this COVID-19 pandemic is one incident she comes so selflessly and be determined to be always available for those who need the support.

A Hero's Welcome from the Family to NHS Nurse After Every Shift

Lynne’s family always supported her. So they have decided that they should show how much they appreciate her through all her hard work during this prevailing situation by greeting her. They have set all for a celebration when she walks in the door. And they are doing it every day after she returns from her shift. This is a lovely appreciation from her husband Richard, her sons Jonathan and Peter, daughter Zoe, and her fiancé, Joshua.

They are not just cheering and welcoming but on some days they decorate the hallway with balloons and flowers, also throwing colorful confetti over her to cherish her to the fullest.

Her son has shared “We as a family have been welcoming our mum home from work as a hero. She is a nurse in the NHS in Britain and is working so hard every day! We will continue to do this every time she returns home from work”, as a post which has caught many on social media.

And as to her, she is so happy to see how she’s been motivating in such a warm welcome in every day. And as she said, this will keep her doing good work every day.