Some Of The Celebrities Who Enjoy Vape

Celebrities Who Enjoy Vape

Some years back, it was common to spot a celebrity with a cigarette between their fingers or lips. It was one of the vital fashion accessories that defined the big names in various fields in the 20th century. However, the introduction of e-cigarette changed things because they are deemed to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes and the celebs want to be seen to lead a healthier lifestyle. As such, you will not see the A-listers with cigarettes but rather with e-cigarettes these days.

Below are some celebrities from various fields who vape and appear cool doing it:

Leonardo DiCaprio

This renowned American actor and producer was one of the first celebs to adopt vaping. Maybe the story that trended about his vaping habit was when he was seen in a photo cycling. From afar, the tiny device made many people think he was puffing the real thing. But he was, in reality, using an e-cig. He has since then been snapped several times holding his vape, even on red-carpets while smartly tuxedo-clad.

Johnny Depp

It was common to see a photo of the actor, musician, and producer with a hand-rolled cigarette in his mouth. But the superstar is now the modern-day renaissance guy, and you will often see him or come across photos of him holding a sleek vape device. It is no secret that he prefers the better-smelling option nowadays.

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Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is an award-winning musician and songwriter. Like many other pop stars, he has toyed with vaping in a bid to overcome smoking. His vaping habit can be traced back to 2013 when he posted a photo holding his choice e-cig on Twitter and captioned it “This is for you mom.” He would go on to invest in an e-cig company.

 Celebrities Who Enjoy Vape

Cara Delevingne

The famous actress, singer, and model from England, better known for the ‘Carnival Row,’ this American TV star has been spotted many times at different events enjoying her vape. Most prominently, she has been captured puffing at an e-cig with Michelle Rodriguez.

Britney Spears

The multi-talented American singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress doesn’t shy away from showing off her vaping, unlike many people who consider it toxic. She has been caught many times going about her activities puffing away on an e-cigarette. It is no surprise that among all of the celebrities who vape, Britney Spears has the highest number of photos of herself enjoying her vape.

Jack Nicholson

When they said that you could not teach old dogs new tricks, they were not right because Jack Nicholson represents the old school Hollywood cool folks. At 81, the actor surprised many people when he switched from conventional cigarettes to the e-cigarette. He showed that it is never too late to make a switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Paris Hilton

The great grand-daughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels and thus an heiress to the empire, has had an eventful life. She has been an actress, socialite, musician, model, entrepreneur, and American media personality. In the same way as many other celebs who are after a stylish lifestyle, Paris Hilton has been snapped several times with an e-cig in her mouth.

There you have a list of some celebs who vape. Maybe they vape as a way of enjoying their nicotine more healthily or as a symbol of status, fashion, and style, or for any other reason. Though vaping is considered less harmful than smoking, it would help if you were cautious since it is not entirely safe. Besides that, nicotine is addictive.