Cigarettes, E-cigarettes Or Vapes, Which One Should I Go For?

Cigarettes, E-cigarettes Or Vapes

Those who are looking forward to the world of smoking tobacco but are more interested in trying out vapes or electronic cigarettes are often confused between the experience and which one they should opt for. All the three, which are smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vapes have a different kind of experience and are something very suitable for any beginner. Now when it comes to these three methods, smoking a cigarette would be the purest form of having tobacco and experiencing the pure effect of nicotine. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes and vapes are only an alternative to smoking tobacco directly. Both of them use a liquid that is based on nicotine and provides the same kind of effect as you get from tobacco. However, the effect is not as similar when you compare to tobacco products like cigarettes. If you really want to have an original experience then using cigarettes is the best option. However, if you want something on a lighter now and are looking for a good alternative to smoking tobacco, then vapes and electronic cigarettes are the things for you.


Based on pure tobacco leaves, it is one of the most consumed tobacco products in the world. Dried tobacco leaves, simply rolled in the rolling paper, with an added filter tip at the bottom is how cigarettes are made. These are great for beginners and a better option if you have just started smoking. Cigarettes can be available in both light and strong aromas, depending on your preference. Also, they are much more affordable and pocket friendly than any other tobacco product out there. Since they are small in size and come in a small box, you can simply add them to your pocket and carry them anywhere. Cigarettes are smaller in size so it does not take as much time as well. Hardly a couple of minutes will be more than enough for you to consume a cigarette and experience the effects of nicotine. You can also use a self rolled cigarette by simply rolling tobacco to form a customized cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette

It is meant for users who are either looking for an alternative to smoking right from the start or are looking to quit smoking. In both cases, e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are one of the best available options in the market. It uses liquid nicotine, which when added to the device, vaporizes them into the form of smoke. The e-cigarette is rechargeable and can be used for a long period in a single charge. The shape of the device is very similar to a pen, due to which it becomes easy and compact for the user to carry it anywhere. Even in places where smoking is prohibited, these are allowed. If you want to enjoy and experience smoking without using tobacco directly, then this is the option to go for.

Cigarettes, E-cigarettes Or Vapes


Vapes are one of the more refined and popular versions of alternatives for cigarettes and work on the same criteria as an e-cigarette. Using liquid to create vapors, the smoke coming from the vapes is much thicker and dense than what you get from an e-cigarette. Vapes are currently in trend and a lot of youngsters prefer to use this over any other kind of smoking methods. It is very compact and has a rechargeable battery that can last you for long hours. The vapes can also be used with affordable refills that already have liquid stored inside it and can last you for days.