Review Of My Company Works And Other LLC Formation Companies

What to Know About My Company Works

My Company Works and Other LLC Formation Companies

Who is My Company Works?

My Company Works is a business that began in 2001. Their mission was to help new companies through the process of startup simply, quickly, and as inexpensively as possible. They currently have almost 20 years under their belt and a long reputation to go with it. They’ve started thousands of companies and keep a consistent client base. They are based in Las Vegas but work nationally for their clients with specifications depending on where the client is working from. Though they are not as well known as some of their competitors or offer as many features, they seem to do honest work and they seem to hold their customers as their website advertises 60,000 current accounts with them. 

What does My Company Works Offer? 

My Company Works offers formation services as well as registered agent services. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee for their services. Some of the features My Company Works offers are things like a startup wizard, account dashboard, online order tracking, free e-delivery, same day processing, lifetime company alerts, and unlimited phone and email support. Some of these features help the company to stand out among their competition while other features are more standard for the type of business they are offering.

While most companies similar to this one offer an account dashboard, online order tracking, and customer support, My Company Works does have some features that are more unique to them. First, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any of their services with a complete refund; no questions asked. This particular feature not only ensures the client that they will either get what they want or get a refund, but it speaks to their confidence in their product and how much they believe in what they offer. The company has free e-delivery which uploads all documents to the account dashboard and helps to keep everything in one place. Business owners will need their documents to be easily accessible. They also offer lifetime company alerts which means they’ll reach out to the business owner any time a deadline is coming up. This helps business owners not to miss anything regardless of how busy they get. 

Their pricing scale begins at $79 and goes up depending on the package the business selects. Each package has more features and value to it. Depending on what business owners want for their startup, this package is very affordable. Even the most complete package which offers all of their features is less than $300. Considering the price is annual, this compared to other business fees is very low. 

How My Company Works Functions

My Company Works is an online platform that functions similarly to some of its online competitors. Everything is completed through their online services and dashboard with customer support on standby at any time. Business owners would start by creating a profile and choosing the package that makes the most sense for their business needs. Then they would move into the process of filing and starting their company. Once the company has been approved, they’d use the services for keeping track of documents and maintaining their company going forward. They’d have online customer support and be able to place orders online if they choose to. The platform also has reminders for business owners to make sure they don’t miss any deadlines or important events during their year. 

My Company Works And Other LLC Formation Companies

What Do Others Think?

My Company Works’ customer reviews are overall positive and state that the website is very easy to use, user friendly, and efficient. The company helps users by creating one of the more fluid customer experiences which tend to be a high selling point. They also offer phone and email support for anyone who needs assistance as they go. Customers appreciate how easy it is to use and set up. TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) also has them listed as one of the top formation services. Visit their website to see their reviews. My Company Works is one of the better companies on the market for this work and is a serious contender when it comes to starting a new company.