Nurse Grants Patient’s Last Wish and He Really Doesn’t Know He Is On Camera


Everyone has wishes in life, but the last wish is something a lot more different. Death is a quite distressing moment for everyone where we mark the end of this life. It is the most painful experience for loved ones to be there to see someone you love so much going so far from here. And the person dying is even more filled with fear with the doubt what will happen next. In fact, death is a long journey to walk alone even you are surrounded by everyone you love the most.

In the whole lifetime, Maria was a singer and a piano teacher. So just like through her whole life, Music was her sole comfort in her final days on bed. And as with that, she asked one of her former students to sing one of her favorite songs at her deathbed. And luckily, her former student was found a nurse at the hospital she was staying at.

Nurse Grants Patient's Last Wish

Maria is blessed with hundreds of students throughout the times. As her inspiration spreads all over the nation she found her students have grown up doing really fine in their lives. And for the biggest surprise, one student was working at the hospital where she was being cared for. He is Joshua who was Maria’s student when he was just about 9 years in age. So they were so lucky to share the bond with their mutual love for music.

Music can be empowering and bringing everyone together. So here Joshua was also able to show love and honor to his teacher Maria during her final hours. This is the amazing clip of him singing to her will that takes us to tears.

Nurse Grants Patient's Last Wish

Music was the biggest part of Maria’s life journey. So as her final wish was to hear one of her favorites “How Great Thou Art”. She believes this song is a source of comfort and power for her all over her life. And thanks to Maria, Joshua is a great singer and he was very happy to grant her final wish.

Joshua stood right next to Maria’s side started singing Maria’s favorite song so beautifully. And she was very relaxed when she hears him singing which you could see in the video. Music has the power to make a change.

Nurse Grants Patient's Last Wish

Just like care Joshua gave for Maria that brought positive change in the world. Shortly after Joshua sang to Maria, she passed away. But knowing that she was the happiest she could be in the right moment, we could comfort our hearts.

It is a reality that death comes for everyone. Rather than being stressful, we could also try to live our lives as keenly as Maria. So that helps to go when the time comes in the most peaceful way. Even though it’s the last time Maria and she has already passed away, the knowledge she has shared to generations will continue to grow and continue for generations.

Doesn’t it leave you in tears? This is so heart-touching!!!