Italian Neighbors Sing Together During Coronavirus Lockdown

As everyone knows Italy continues to be under lockdown in the move to fight against COVID-19. And when in a condition everything sees in eyes and get in hear bring tears and fear we find an interesting act by some civilians. We find them looking for ways to light up their hopes and stay courageous. So this is a good attempt to add a little fun to this miserable state.

We find Neighborhoods across Italy are lighting up the empty streets saying bringing Christmas early in March. And by coming out to the balconies they sing out loud with one another showing the true sign of unity and spread the word to the world.


This is one thing goes viral on social media these days which shows how people find a way out from this grief. And one video which was uploaded by a local recently shows neighbors in the city of Siena appear out of their windows and sing out loud an Italian song joining with one another. The song is “Canto Della Verbena” (While Siena Sleeps), which is a traditional melody in the area in which residents sing as a way to show the pride of the city.

The video by David Allegranti, who is a writer for Il Foglio newspaper speaks here to HuffPost and said the video was by one his friends and that was a super hit on social media with subject to what we see today around.

“This video is touching, the first time I saw it I started to cry.” This was exactly what he was saying to HuffPost.

This post was a heart-touching update all over Italy and even for the outsiders. Quarantined inhabitants take their balconies and windows and sing together loud to show that they still have hope and they are focused on the betterment of the world.

The country remains locked down to hold back the speedy run of the virus. So at a terrifying state, many Italians find wellbeing through singing the national anthem with their neighbors and to show the world how united they stand in these difficult times.


Not only the ordinary people but we also see Italian Airforce in an attempt to lift up the nation, using the same music therapy. Playing “Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma” in the background, 9 planes let out colored exhumes showing the pride Italian flag up in the sky. Isn’t this inspiring?

And the message here was clear with one plane was overtaken by others showing how they win over this deadly COVID-19.

Isn’t this inspiring in Quarantine? Let us know what do you think.