“How-To” Fleet Management Tips From The Fleet Solutions Experts

Fleet Management Tips

Successfully managing a fleet regardless of the size is difficult considering the number of challenges that you have to wade through. You have to monitor your drivers to ensure that they are responsible and drive safe. Plus, you have to come up with ideas that will reduce expenses like fuel costs while making sure that vehicles are serviced when the maintenance schedule falls due.

There are fleet management applications that fleet managers can use to tackle some of the challenges, but fleet managers still have to closely monitor both the vehicles and staff. Using fleet management software helps make the work of fleet managers easier while helping them effectively manage costs.

However, having fleet management software is not enough if you are aiming for effective fleet management. There are ideas that you can incorporate to streamline most of your daily tasks. Here are the top fleet management tips from fleet solutions experts.

How to hire good drivers

Having good, responsible, and qualified fleet drivers is one of the key aspects towards successful fleet management. If you manage to recruit qualified drivers, the other task is to make sure that you retain them.

If you want to hire new drivers, you can ask your good drivers for referrals. You not only get referred to potentially good drivers but also individuals with a clear understanding of what you expect from them. You can also offer competitive packages and other benefits like training to attract qualified applicants and also retaining your good drivers.

Fleet Management Tips

How to reduce fuel costs

Fuel accounts for a very big percentage of the costs incurred in fleet management. If you can come up with ideas to save on fuel expenses, then you are on the right track to successful fleet management. Fuel expenses can be high because of theft, irresponsible driver behavior, or not equipping tracking devices to the vehicles.

You can use fleet management software to reduce fuel costs. The best thing is that you can get experts in fleet management devices and systems, for example, try these out and see how you can reduce your fuel costs among other benefits. Fleet software like GPS trackers ensures that drivers are responsible and allow for route optimization and geofencing, both of which are key for saving fuel costs.

How to save on repair costs

Another aspect of fleet management that can be costly is vehicle repairs. However, as a fleet manager, if you are smart enough, you can significantly bring down these costs. There are fleet applications that keep track of the maintenance schedule of each vehicle, and when the date falls due, they send reminders.

Make sure that the vehicles are serviced when the maintenance date is due to avoid costly breakdowns. You can also use fleet surveillance software, which can be key in the claims process in case of an accident.

How to enhance customer service

One of the ways through which your business grows is from being reliable. Customers feel happy when you can keep up with delivery schedules. With GPS tracking software, you can optimize routes to ensure timely delivery and at the same time be in a position to offer updates on the expected delivery time. GPS trackers also alert you if drivers are making unnecessary stops or a driver stops at a single station for too long.

Fleet Management Tips

How to reduce risks and liabilities

In the past, fleet managers have probably been implicated in a crime they never committed. With fleet surveillance technologies, this is no longer possible. Cameras are installed in and outside of the vehicle that record in real-time, capturing videos and photos of what is happening in and around the vehicle.

In case of an accident, the cameras can produce video evidence to prove your innocence. Drivers are also encouraged to practice safe driving practices when being monitored by cameras. On top of that, incidences of theft are dealt with when you install surveillance systems in your fleet.