Still worth choosing Rolls Royce Wraith ???

As a luxury super expensive car, Rolls Royce Wraith must be going worth & perfect enough. But there are major problems in front of this luxury Mansory. So first of all this beast have 624 hp & seems like that’s enough for 0-60km in less time. Right ??  but it gonna at least 6 seconds. So this kind huge matter for all future users of Rolls Royce Wraith. Secondly, we have another mystery about this ride model. This price full  SUV only available with the front-wheel model. this gonna lot of discouraging for people who living in snowing and muddy areas.

Rolls Royce is a high luxury car brand

When we talk about these luxuries vehicles Rolls Royce Wraith another problem on their super heavy doors. This problem appears when raining or snowing times. Because of this all of Rolls Royce cars category has auto doors closing feature. But it always going slowly and smoothly. And it’s not pretty enough when raining or snowing outside. So you have to lean down your head and give enough effort to close it before you get wet. And it does not feel comfortable.

Rolls Royce Wraith’s performance

Emblem of Rolls Royce Wraith

Also when we talk about customization on this car coming up with fewer options with necessary features. Mainly even a single seat hasn’t seat-cool function. This kind of weird situation because when we talk about there are cheapest cars like Hyundai Sonata only costs 33000$. But even like these cars have ventilated seats. When you are going to replace the preferences you have to spend at least a 2500$ price around. So this makes no sense. Another anyone thing about sun-roof. Nowadays it’s very common for a car to comes standard or at least kind of cheap option for the sunroof. But unluckily if you want sunroof for your precious Rolls Royce Wraith then you have to spend more 8500$.

Rolls Royce

So after facing all of these ‘headaches’ finally, Rolls Royce Wraith hasn’t any excuse on autonomous driving aids. Because they simply said that’s not part of their luxury vehicles. Nice explanation! So you have to think about it once again. A car gives you more personality with fewer options or brings you more features and less cost?

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce