How People Are Toning Their Bodies With Cold And Patience

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Toning the body can be a pretty hard thing to do. It’s not exactly like losing weight, as that tends to be a little more general and not as concentrated. Where losing fat just involves a lot of exercise and dieting, you can’t get those same results for toning using that same routine. You’ll need to do special exercise for each and every particular area you’re looking to tone.

But for those of you that don’t have the time to diet and exercise, there are easier ways out of this problem. And it comes with clinics’ fat reduction treatment that’s slowly garnering a big crowd of dedicated clients. And it’s thanks to this special cosmetic procedure that toning the body easily is becoming a reality.

And with the help of the staff at MiracleFace MedSpa, who were kind enough to share some of the insider information we needed for this article, we’ll have a better understanding of how clinics use the cold to tone their bodies to exact proportions that they wish to see in the mirror.

How Other Treatments Work

There are many fat reduction treatments out there. All of them offer their range of results, but the bottom line is: they come with certain shared disadvantages that Coolsculpting doesn’t.

Most fat reduction treatments destroy fat cells through necrosis, which is the damage you do to the cells through outside methods, such as burning them away with special synthetic acids or even just cutting them out. These methods work, have been proven to be very effective, but they do carry their own drawbacks.

As with any other treatment, medical, cosmetic or otherwise, there are side effects. And these treatments come with a lot of them. The synthetic acids they use to burn fat away with just a simple injection are safe for the most part, but they can cause swelling, dryness and other nasty side effects that you may simply want to avoid.

Treatments that involve incisions and cutting the fat out also cause their share of side effects and require some time for the patient to recover, as there are a set of scars and stitches which need to be properly taken care of. And while this may not sound too harsh, you have to understand that not everyone wants an extra scar on their body or have to go through the trouble of getting stitched.

The best part about Coolsculpting, is that instead of destroying fat cells through the process of necrosis, it does this through cell suicide, or what doctors call apoptosis. Our cells, all of them, have special coding infused into them when they are created. One of these happens to be the self destruct mechanism, which is directly tied to the temperature being exposed to the fat cells. Basically, when fat cells come into contact with a certain cold temperature long enough, they go through apoptosis and destroy themselves, leaving behind a little husk of their former shape, which is later absorbed into the body.

There’s no cutting, burning, pulling, or scraping off fat. The cells destroy themselves, but first, they need the stimulant.

Equipment at Work

And to provide this stimulant, Coolsculpting has specialized equipment designed to create this environment which is consistently cold enough to stimulate apoptosis in the fat cells. The Coolsculpting special vacuums are placed on various parts of the body, the places you want toned, and they continuously pump cold air while sucking in the skin.

Under this cold pressure, apoptosis begins and the fat cells slowly go into their weaker state. Once this happens, which actually takes a couple months, the body swoops in and cleans up these useless fat cells and either absorb or evicts them out of the body. Naturally, with fewer fat cells, the layer of fat is also thinner and smaller, thus that area of your body gets toned.

The one disadvantage that Coolsculpting does come with, is that this method of apoptosis takes some time to take effect. Sure, with other treatments it’s a little more dangerous, considering the chemicals, injections and the incisions that are used during the treatment, but they do have a more immediate and direct effect when it comes to toning.

Coolsculpting takes more time than that; up to half a year of waiting for it to be toned. If you’re patient enough, you’ll be rewarded with a beautifully toned body that you reached through natural means, as opposed to questionable chemicals or several cuts and gashes. There are no side effects to Coolsculpting and basically no maintenance required post-procedure.

The only thing you’ll be recommended is to pinpoint the reason why fat buildup was a problem for you in the first place. Which of your daily habits or routines cause the fat buildup? Once you understand this and find the reason why you had the extra fat, you can get rid of this habit, and not only will you tone those areas, but also keep them toned after you’ve been treated. So, as you can see, the treatment rewards those with enough patience to go through with the whole process to achieve that sculpted, curvy body.

Coolsculpting NYC

The Right Places and People

But just because Coolsculpting is safe, doesn’t mean you should just go to any clinic to have it done. You need a clinic with proper equipment, tools, and the staff to carry out your requirements to help you achieve the ideal results.

Thanks to their highly trained professionals, procedures go by like a breeze, with everything going according to plan. Clients have been leaving the premises with big smiles on their faces, happy to enjoy their new body as it slowly, but surely comes together in front of their eyes. And thanks to the full client support, you can get all the help and advice that you need as you go through those 6 months.