Guide to Demolition in Melbourne

Just like everything else in life, even your house needs a thorough or partial makeover at times. Sometimes, it is possible to go for a home renovation without actually destroying the property. However, during other times, the need to demolish your house, either entirely or partially, may arise. Instead of trying to break down your house on your own, it is always advisable to let a professional deal with it. He will have all the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to deal with the demolition without causing any harm to you or himself.

Guide to Demolition in Melbourne

About Bison Demolition Group

Bison Demolition Group happens to be one of the reputed demolition companies in Australia. This insured and licensed company is situated in Melbourne and was founded by experienced building practitioners. They specialize in demolition, strip outs, and construction services. They provide services in a large part of Melbourne such as Greensborough, Fairfield, Preston, Yarrambat, and Diamond Creek to name a few.

Services Provided By Bison Demolition Group

Unlike most other demolition companies, BISON Demolition provides a wide range of services to their clients. Some of these have been discussed below to let you know about their areas of expertise.

  • Commercial Demolition: There can be numerous situations wherein commercial buildings such as schools, factories, warehouses, parking lots, concrete buildings, metal buildings, and sidewalks need to be demolished. Bison Demolition Group also provides such services to their clients. They are licensed to go ahead with low rise demolition of commercial properties in Melbourne. They work in tandem with property developers and builders to make sure that buildings get demolished in the most efficient and safest possible manner.

Guide to Demolition in Melbourne

  • Partial Demolition: When it comes to partial demolition of any building, Bison Demolition Group are rather skilled in such tasks. Whether the job is for the alteration of an existing structure or removing just a portion of a structure, Bison Demolition Group is licensed and insured to carry out such jobs with ease. They have been doing such jobs for the last 8 years and have gained immense knowledge and expertise in such projects.
  • Strip Out and Defits: When it comes to commercial strip out projects, it basically includes the removal of the joinery and internal structures without doing any damage to the external walls. The bison Demolition Group have their own Melbourne based team who specialize in defit and strip outs. Whether it is just the removal of the ceiling or the carpet and tiles or the windows and glass or air condition ducts or wooden floorboards, they are quite efficient at such jobs.
  • Domestic Demolition: Apart from various types of commercial demolition projects, Bison Demolition Group also works on various domestic demolitions projects as well. They offer domestic demolition services throughout the city of Melbourne. They have been working on a large number of domestic demolition projects ever since they came into existence. Due to their vast expertise and knowledge on such projects, they can also be considered as market leaders in all types of domestic demolition projects.