Spain Police Sing and Dance during Coronavirus Outbreak

Music is one way to heal. So this is how Spain Police sing and dance to keep people entertained during the Coronavirus Outbreak. The video showing police officers sing and dance in a neighbourhood in Spain was very popular on Social media greeting everyone with a smile in these dark times.

Coronavirus Pandemic

During the difficult times as the whole of Spain is under threat of Coronavirus outbreak, this is a true attempt to encourage citizens. Some of the police officers in Spain, Majorca then decided to come out and heal Spain with Music. What they think is, happiness is one way to keep people encouraged. This is to motivate them during the self-isolation period.

The video shows two police cars driving into a neighbourhood and get off their vehicles with their Music instruments. They started playing the guitars while singing along with the people around. Spain people were very happy to receive music therapy and cheered for them from where they are giving them a warm goodbye.

Music to heal People During Coronavirus Outbreak

This amazing video clip was shared speedily on social media. Everyone has appreciated them for their commitment towards the wellbeing of the community amid COVID-19 outbreak.

As to people, this is a great effort to keep citizens positive even during the strict lockdown. Even this is not from your neighbourhood, by seeing this, you would surely get a smile on the face. That is what they wish for. They want people to stay home and stay safe during this terrible situation. So this Music therapy by Spain police worked so well for everyone. Not only for Spain but for the whole world.

For one of the highest number of COVID-19 cases in considering the whole world, Spain among the first two, three. As of this state, Spain reports 153,222 active cases with a death count over 15,000. And as per the records, the number of recoveries reports as 52,165 up to now. So at this critical stage, Spain is under strict lockdown. And all the citizens of the country are advising to self-isolating in their homes as the main step to control the spread of the virus.