Woman waves at Bear and this is how it responds

While driving through the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, a woman opened the window from her side to wave at a bear. What made her shocking was the unexpected wave back.

This Olympic Game Farm in Washington is very much admired by most people to drive through and admire beautiful wildlife. The importance here is you can see them in their usual habitats with the lack of restrictions to roam about and act like real animals do in their natural lives. You will find more than 200 animals on-site and a lot to enjoy.

Woman waves at Bear and this is how it responds

A couple was lucky to receive the surprise of their lives in wildlife experience while getting on the Olympic Game Farm drive-through. On their tour, they met a handsome, huge brown bear a lot of people would hardly meet. The lady in the car has opened the window down and has waved with a gentle call “Teddy” and did not miss to say “Bye.” She waved with so much delight at this furry friend. And for good luck, she wanted it to get recorded to a video too. The furry friend was so happy to receive the wave and was so quick to give the response.

The video is vet little but extremely lovely to take a look. And if you are an animal lover, you would find this so interesting to know the intelligence of this large furry mammal. It shows how strong it is human-to-animal connection and the delight that wildlife can bring over. They are so loving and has a lot to admire in their natural surroundings.

Woman waves at Bear and this is how it responds

When we turn the news around most of the stories bring anger, violence and make up depressed. So that is truly why we must take a look at these interesting videos that bring joy and light in your mind. This made my day and hope you are too. So fall in love with nature around, admire what it has and never forget to share.

You can watch the fun video below and enjoy!

What will you do if you get this cute response from a furry friend like this?