Guide to Building Inspectors Adelaide

Building your own home is not as simple as you may think. You have to abide by certain rules and regulations of the state where you reside. Once a building is built, it needs to be inspected by a building inspector. This person is normally employed either by a township, city or county. He is also certified in several aspects that makes the person eligible to pass judgements pertaining a building meeting with various building codes.

Guide to Building Inspectors Adelaide

There are various types of companies that provide building inspection services. Although all of them provide similar services, not all of them are equally reputed and reliable. Amongst the experienced and reliable ones, a common name is They provide a wide variety of inspection services, some of which include pre-purchase building inspections, termite and timber pest inspections, pool fence inspections and certificates, asbestos inspections for both residential and commercial, and new houses – handover and individual stage inspections.

Some Of the Services Offered by Jim’s Building Inspections

As discussed above, Jim’s Building Inspections provide a wide range of services to their clients. The experts at the company believe in quality services and it is also true that their inspection reports are the best in the market. Some of their services are discussed in details below.

  • Pre-Purchase: Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial commitments that you will ever make in your entire life. Thus, shopping blindly for a new home makes no sense at all. There have been several cases wherein new homes have been sold with major defects to buyers. Opting for a pre-purchase inspection of a new home will help you understand whether the property is free from any defects or if there is anything to worry about in the long run. Experts will inspect the exterior of your house, roofing space, interior of the property, sub-floor space, and the entire property in general.
  • Termite and Pest Inspections: It is needless to say that termites can spread rather fast and if you do not act immediately, any type of pest infestation will result in thousands of dollars in structural damages. When you hire experts to inspect your home for termites or pest infestations, they make sure that every nook and corner of the home is properly inspected. After the entire inspection is completed, the experts will provide you with a combined management plan and also proper recommendations on treatment. Some of the areas they normally inspect include the interior, exterior, sub-floor area, roof spaces, and under the house.
  • Asbestos Inspections: Those properties that were built before the year 1990 should undergo an asbestos inspection. This is especially important before the start of any renovation or selling of property. The experts from Jim’s Building Inspections will conduct a comprehensive inspection to find the where asbestos is present within the property, the condition of the asbestos, if any, and tell you about all the possible dangers of living in a house filled with asbestos. The report from the experts will include records of location, record of the condition of every area, advices pertaining to the management, and photographic report.