Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Do you have a real estate agency but you are unable to grow your business? In this article, I will show you how to market for a real estate agency on Facebook.

Key things you need to know for Marketing your Real Estate Agency

A real estate agency with a multilingual real estate website and blog must link their sites by language; to achieve better results based on the international segmentation of its client portfolio.

Although Facebook pages allow the implementation of specifically segmented marketing campaigns, the real estate agency must segment its clients from its online sites (website, real estate blog, social media platforms, etc.).

The real estate marketing system on Facebook is based on dissemination, and to promote such dissemination payment campaigns (* Ads) are eventually a very effective resource. The real estate agency must take into account certain variables that intervene, to better manage its resources and achieve better results.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing

A very important point to take into account by a real estate agent, when implementing an Ads campaign on Facebook, is that it is not only about making an economic investment. Previously, a minimum infrastructure must be created to implement said advertising campaign, and it is also necessary to carefully plan the type of content to be disseminated.

At the same time, some negative aspects of Facebook for the real estate company must be taken into account; which previously we analyzed in depth.

In any case, the determining factor for a real estate agency is to be able to implement an effective Ads on the Facebook campaign; that caters to your business interests, and that the cost-benefit ratio is positive.

The costs of a real estate marketing campaign on Facebook are not very high, although depending on the needs of the real estate they are variable.

What is Real Estate Marketing on Facebook?

Advertising campaigns on Facebook do not necessarily have to be paid, and it is convenient that the real estate agency previously exhausts all its human resources in exploiting the potential of said platform.

The potential for real estate offered by Facebook marketing for free is very high, and the figure of the Real Estate Community Manager is decisive in this regard. The real estate does not need to invest in advertising campaigns to spread their homes for sale or the articles of their real estate blog on Facebook Ads; because in practice, you can manage it through your Community Manager or your Content Curator.

However, many times the real estate agency for different reasons requires implementing a paid advertising campaign. Due to the lack of organizational figures in its structure such as that of a Community Manager, due to training limitations or even due to simple ignorance of the potential offered by Facebook for free.

In any case, we will analyze the variables that the real estate must take into account when implementing an Ads campaign on Facebook.

A real estate agency can promote any real estate product through a paid campaign on Facebook:

  • Real estate website
  • Contents of the real estate blog
  • Properties for sale
  • Real estate promotions
  • Homes for rent

On the other hand, Facebook marketing Ads allows real estate marketing campaigns in different types of format (links, texts, creating events, contests, advertisements, videos of homes for sale or properties for rent, etc.). The marketing model offered by the social media platform is based on pay per click; In other words, the real estate agency only pays for the clicks that users of the platform make in their advertisements (regardless of the type of content broadcast).

Advantages of Facebook Ads for Real Estate

The main advantages of paid campaigns on Facebook for a real estate agency are the following:

  • Low-cost real estate marketing campaign.
  • Implementing a real estate marketing campaign on Facebook implies a very low economic investment, especially concerning other types of advertising campaigns.
  • The real estate agency will only pay for the clicks received on its ads, and if the segmentation of potential buyer clients has been done accurately, the commercial results obtained will be better.

In short, the real estate agency only pays for the clicks made by those users who are interested in their ads.

Very specific segmentation of potential clients

The real estate agency will be able to segment very specifically the type of ads and to whom they will be directed; not just for basic demographics, but also with advanced segmentation tools.

It is a very important point because the social media platform has millions of users around the world, and for a real estate agent, not all of them represent potential buyer clients.

Precisely segmenting the real estate’s target audience is a determining factor in obtaining good business results.

High Levels of Content Dissemination

If the contents of the real estate agency on its Facebook page are of quality, when advertising them through a payment campaign, eventually they can achieve high viral rates.

The quality of the content shared by the real estate company at the social media level is always a very important factor; however, when trying to achieve a high degree of virtualization, quality becomes a determining factor.

Although the real estate agency pays Facebook to spread their content, if they are not of quality, it will not be possible to achieve high levels of virality.

Users who click on real estate ads, if they find interesting content or add value, will probably share it with their contacts.

Promote the Development of Real Estate Brands

The development of real estate brand through Facebook Ads campaigns can be significantly enhanced because the platform allows to carry out contests, surveys, and create events.

The above are elements that allow reinforcing the online identity of the real estate agency; and at the same time, they make it easier for the real estate Community Manager to strengthen the community of users linked to the real estate page.

Measure the Results obtained

The possibility of accurately measuring the results achieved is decisive, and Facebook marketing offers a fairly comprehensive measurement system. Real estate marketing campaigns on Facebook can be measured precisely, simply using the tools offered by the platform itself.

Statistics and charts linked to the real estate’s Ads campaign are a very important resource to measure the impact achieved based on objective data.

On the other hand, the measurement of the results obtained allows for eventual modifications in the strategy, to achieve the best possible commercial results.

No real estate social media campaign, both paid and free, makes sense if it cannot be measured based on objective data.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Types of Ads for the Real Estate Agency on Facebook

The main factors linked to a real estate marketing campaign on Facebook, depending on the type of ads and / or forms of advertising to implement, are the following:

  • Increase the number of followers

The advantage of getting followers for the real estate agency page, through an Ads campaign, is that these followers have been segmented.

For a real estate agency, having many followers on their Facebook page is important, however, the determining factor is to reach potential buyers.

A very large number of followers of the real estate page not segmented correctly, according to their business needs, makes no sense.

  • Generate organic traffic for real estate

The advertising banners of the real estate agency on Facebook may include external links; which can take users directly to the website of the real estate agency or their real estate blog.

It is a very effective system to get quality organic traffic for real estate sites on the internet.

  • Get conversions on the real estate website

The real estate agency can implement specific strategies so that the platform users carry out certain actions on its website or real estate blog.

For example, the real estate agency can use this system to get more subscribers to its real estate newsletter.

  • Promote real estate offers

The real estate agency may promote the advertising of certain types of offers, such as:

  • Homes for sale with special prices.
  • Seasonal or long-term rentals.
  • New construction real estate promotion.

The former is a very interesting resource for real estate because you can use it according to your specific needs, and according to the business circumstances that arise.

For a real estate agency, implementing a paid campaign on Facebook can be very profitable, although prior planning is always appropriate and having a minimum functional structure in said social media platform.

However, the real estate company must take into account that a marketing campaign at a social media level, not only requires being implemented on Facebook.

A real estate social media strategy must be planned to be implemented on different platforms, to achieve the best possible results at the business level.