Elephants in China stole 30kg of baguette wine and got drunk, Imagine what happened?

Elephants in China in love with 30kg of baguette wine

Two wild elephants sleeping back to back in a tea garden was the news viral on social media with the reporter Hu Yuanhang found for China News Service Kunming on last 16th March. As to some netizens, it was March 11th all this happened where a herd of elephants found in the tea garden. And they were there, after drinking 30 kilograms of alcohol from farmers in Ou’a Town, Ouhai County, Xishuangbanna. The reporter was interested in learning about these Asian Elephant herds in Hoa Town from Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Yunnan Province. But the photos hit on the internet were not about what the reporter was keen on, but about drunken friends who were looking absolutely crazy.

The photos prove more than 10 elephants in the tea garden. And the super hit of all is a photo of two elephants sleeping back to back. The news report on 11th by Netizens was about this group of elephants arrives at Manmai Village, Hoa Town, who were in search for salt, corn and some other food but greeted with 30kg of baguette wine from the villagers. And that has all resulted two drunken heads

Elephants in China stole 30kg of baguette wine and got drunk

As to the staff of the Yunnan Forestry and Grass Bureau brought into confirmations, more than 10 Asian elephants had been going here and there in the town of Hoa. The details came like the elephant drunk the tea plantation are not really true and part of the right story. And at present, all the elephants are doing fine and active in the town of Miao and an emergency reaction has been opened.

The statistics say there are altogether 18 Asian Elephants in the country area Erhai. And they take travels from and to Ou’a Town, Wu’ao Township, and Fanghe Township of Lancang County, Pu’er City all around the year. The human population of these areas is about 35,000 people in 95 villages’ groups under 13 villages. And it reports injuries and deaths occasionally.

Formerly, Erhai County and “Alxa SEE Foundation” were in collaboration to the renovation of Asian elephant environments and food sources. It was planned to make over 2063 acres of Asian elephant environments, build five artificial salt ponds, and choose Yilin Barren Hills and other excess trees Woodland, continue with planting 768 acres of plants that are more preferred by Asian elephant.