Dog says “Mama” first when Mom bribes Baby with food to make him say “Mama”

When the mother tries to hear her baby boy saying “Mama” by bribing with food, their miniature Australian Shepard Dog, disturbs saying it first. This Utah family has posted this on social media to spread laughs on more faces. This is absolutely hilarious to hear how this smart dog responds to it. He is “Patch”.

Dog says “Mama” first

For the Diaz-Giovanini family, Patch is a beloved member. They live in the humble city of Cedar Hills, Utah. The family is completed with the adorable nine-month-old baby boy who is Sam in name. And the whole story is simply around him as his mom wants Sam to say “Mama”. The mother, Andrea Diaz-Giovanini, was in for a shock when she attempts here baby to call “Mama” with the support of a tasty snack.

Dog says “Mama” first

In the video, we see how Patch’s ears rapidly perk when he hears the commands. He listens so carefully her commands. As he really wants the treat and as just could not help, he tries to utter the word, albeit in a very rough way. The best part of the video is when the baby looks at Patch doggy with irritation feel and pushes him away just to stop.  This was very fun for the whole family and so as to us.

Dog says “Mama” first

Looking at the video, there were a few people expressed their displeasure. Just because thinking that owners of Patch have not given him any treats. But no worries, he had enough treats for his impressive response.

Patch is a very faithful and loving pet to the Diaz-Giovanini family. And not only bringing fun but also helping their grandmother during her period of recovery. She had undergone a horrible brain injury facing a major car accident. So in this period of recovery, Patch was the one who warns the family each time he feels the grandmother was about to have a seizure. Isn’t this cool, right? He is such a good boy to the family helping as much as possible and bringing them so much joy.

A lovely pet is an asset to the family, what do you think? Do you love pets as much as I do?