Can You Watch Regular TV On Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services that is used as an entertainment platform for anyone who wants to watch unlimited movies and TV shows. Netflix doesn’t display its entertainment services via channels or traditional services that means you don’t have to pay for watching anything on-demand.

The content libraries of Netflix are the same for all the users which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime provided you have internet connectivity that supports it. We would like to leave you with an internet service recommendation, do check CenturyLink Wi-Fi plans and compare them. Considering the reasonable pricing compared to market prices offered by different ISPs and what it brings you, we are sure, it won’t disappoint you and is worth each penny.

Can You Watch Regular TV On Netflix

In case, CenturyLink is not available in your area, please check Local Cable Deals, it is a one-stop-shop for all the leading ISPs in the United States. All you have to do is enter your zip code and it will generate all the serviceable options in your area. You can also get TV services (cable, satellite, and DSL), digital phones alongside internet services. But the question is:

Can you watch regular TV on Netflix?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can enjoy a lot of shows from famous channels such as BBC, CBS, Disney, NBC, Fox, and almost every show as well as movies that you browse. But you should remember that Netflix is not a live TV service or a traditional cable or satellite TV. This is the reason it doesn’t come with an option to pick a channel lineup of your choice as you get otherwise.

So, no, you cannot watch regular TV channels and browse the line-up. You get libraries of TV shows and movies based on genres and popularity which you can pick from.

Netflix displays only licensed movies from TV series, movie studios & production houses, and the same is the case with documentaries. Netflix offers these services as streaming or in disc format (DVD, Blu-ray). However, this disc format system is only available for US residents, and it doesn’t have Netflix Originals as yet.

You’ll notice that not a single Netflix title is displayed in any movie theatres. When searching for movies on Netflix, you’ll find that most of them are from six months to one year old. However, that isn’t the only case. If you search, you’ll find some new movies as well as old TV shows and movies to pick from.

You’ll be glad to know that this Watch Instantly Service has been showing improvements regularly. Apart from that, you get unlimited streaming and a queue feature to line up the movies you’ll love to watch tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. You can substitute it with the paid movie channel service of the cable companies.

Some of the Netflix shows are indeed displayed on regular TV channels and this is called Netflix selection that varies from country to country. This service has some limitations on showing episodes that haven’t been shown on TV in that country yet.

How to watch Netflix on TV?

Though Netflix is a streaming app predominantly designed for smartphones it can be watched on TV screens too. For watching Netflix on TV, you have to use a device and the Netflix app. You can use this app on your smart TV, set-top box, streaming media player, and Blu-ray player. The settings and how to connect will be dependent on the device you are using.

Netflix gives you several movies and TV series you can watch with ease. But for watching these TV channels on a smart TV, you can also check Hulu TV or Amazon Prime subscription as well. The advantage of these subscriptions is that you can also watch HBO and other channels.

Can You Watch Regular TV On Netflix

Conclusive Notes

In the article above, we have shared the reasons why and how you can watch regular TV on Netflix and on your TV screen. To conclude it all in simple words, you can watch Netflix on your TV screens by connecting it to it. You will also find the content you see on your regular TV but not the channel lineup.