Picking the Right Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are a staple of the modern beauty clinic. You can find it just about anywhere in the country that has any kind of cosmetic clinic. And for a good reason. Dermal fillers have proven to be one of the most useful compounds in the industry and are a versatile tool in the fight against age marks, jagged skin and loss of volume.

Dermal Filler

With this high demand in dermal fillers, there are many manufacturers and different series of fillers which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, we have more choice of what we want from our dermal fillers than ever before in history. But with this choice also comes the hassle of picking and choosing exactly what you need the filler to do.

Do you need it to smooth out skin? Maybe you want more volume. How about fuller lips? There are many things dermal fillers are capable of, so it’s important to know what you want from them before you actually choose the filler type itself. For example skin clinics’ go to choice for a good all-around dermal filler, is good for a wide array of tasks, depending on which variant you get.

But we understand that choosing is sometimes hard, especially when you don’t know all the information about that particular dermal filler. Which is why we’ll be taking a look at how to pick the right dermal filler for your treatment and which ones are good at what.

Juvederm Variants

Juvederm Variants

We can start with Juvederm, as it has a ton of different variants, each specializing in their own little ways.

Wrinkles: These age marks are a mark of age and experience for some, but a somewhat uncomfortable sight for others. Not everyone ages gracefully and not everyone is happy about it. And wrinkles just so happen to be the most conspicuous age marks on the face.

As skin gets looser with age, the areas with the most strain tend to get folds in them, since the skin there has worked so much more. For example, areas like the forehead, the outer sides of the eyes, skin around the lips. Basically, the areas of the face that work the hardest throughout our lifetimes are the ones that get the most wrinkles.

Juvederm Volure XC is the variant of Juvederm you should be trying out. It makes the skin a little more plump and soft but corrects the wrinkles in that particular area. It’s great for general anti-wrinkle treatments.

Fuller Lips: This one’s pretty simple: go for Juvederm Volbella XC, which is specifically designed to make the lips fuller. Unfortunately, not everyone has those big lips that so many people strive to have. For some, it’s not a problem, but it is a serious insecurity for many people out there.

And with this particular variant of Juvederm, you can get fuller lips. However, when it comes to lip fillers, many people tend to get a little put off by it, since they’re afraid that their lips won’t look naturally fool.

Modern technological and medical advancements can prove you wrong. Lips treated with Juvederm are very hard to discern from naturally full lips. Medical professionals have long since found ways of making lip fillers look natural. So rest easy, since the only people who’ll be able to tell the difference between treated lips and naturally full lips are people who are seasoned in the industry and work as medical professionals themselves. Unless you go to a lot of parties with plastic surgeons, you really don’t have much to worry about.



Don’t underestimate Restylane. It’s also a pretty amazing dermal filler, with its own variants and specialization.

Wrinkles around the mouth: Filling lips isn’t just enough to give vibrancy to the lower part of the face. An important factor of any youthful face is the smoothness around the mouth and lips. While some dermal fillers are good at filling up lips, the Restylane Silk, one of the most popular variants of the Restylane line of dermal fillers.

It’s great at smoothing out wrinkles around the lips, but it does also have the ability to puff up the lips in its own right. So it gets two jobs done with a single compound. Perfect for those who are looking to get the best of both worlds and to get their money’s worth.

Volume restoration: One of the primary tasks of any proper dermal filler compound, volume restoration is an integral part of creating a youthful face. Volume is all about those beautiful contours and angles that your face has, but that were lost to time as the skin got looser. These are contours like the cheeks and cheekbones, jaw, chin and so on. When volume is restored and the skin tightens around these areas, these angles appear once again and give the face a youthful appearance, more so than before.

A good compound for this particular task is the Restylane Lyft.

Finding One For Yourself

Dermal Filler

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the ways that dermal fillers accomplish tasks and only several variants in a very large quantity of types. So, if you want further information on different compounds, variants and treatments, ask your medical professional.

Or better yet, why not ask the folks at PLACEHOLDER. Their Juvederm NYC treatment plan is one of the best you can find in the city, is very versatile in the results it delivers and is very affordable, regardless of your budget. But make sure that before you sign up for an appointment with any clinic that you know what you want from the treatment and how you can get it.

Sure, the professionals over at the clinic could probably help you pick out what you need and what results you wish to see, it’s still better to be a little more decisive when you visit the clinic.