Coronavirus Logos that Depict the World Today

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic spreading all over the world, we are encouraged on social distancing. So from the eye of Slovenia-based creative director Jure Tovrljan this is how famous logos are reimagined. These truly reflect the current difficulty communities faced and what it means social distancing in true terms.

From about a week before, he has been engaged in this project and he has already succeeded in 11 new coronavirus logos. “Things around COVID-19 seriously started to go out of hand and all my social media feeds were flooded with cheap memes,” he has given out his idea to Ad Age. “I decided to revive an old passion, logo design and I saw an opportunity for some quality content”, he continued and started his projects.

He started getting to his projects with the idea by seeing Starbucks logo. He imagined, how the mermaid would look if she wear a mask? He himself was fascinated by the idea and turned to more logos that are popular among everyone. So he continued with Nike, NBA, United Airlines, Mastercard, LinkedIn, and Target. Excited right?

As he said, he has received some negative comments at very first. But he was very much determined with a positive mind. The message he is spreading the world is powerful. In fact, he uses a different way to inform about social distancing among people. And as he uses the most popular logos which are already in the mind of the user, this looks more powerful than just telling in words.  And it is perfectly creative to reach more people in an effective way.

#1 Starbucks


#2 Corona Extra

Corona Extra

#3 Olympic Games

Olympic Games

#4 Linkedin


#5 Mastercard


#6 NBA


#7 The Us Open (Tennis)

The Us Open (Tennis)

#8 Nike


#9 Target


#10 Mobil


#11 United Airlines

United Airlines

What do you think about this new way to reach people with an important message?